Hunter Collar Rom

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Hunter collar Rom

The Hunter collar ROM is, so to speak, doubly classic: Classic in shape, with a classic Roman-looking ornament made of metal elements. The starting material for this beautiful collar is coated split leather, which is firm and supple and therefore suitable for dog accessories. At the same time, the innovative coating ensures that the Hunter collar ROM is very easy to care for; Should it be damp or dirty after your walk, you can simply wipe it off. The rivets, which at first glance look like ancient coins, turn out to be decorative elements with the well-known HUNTER logo and dog at second glance. So it becomes clear where this stately collar comes from: by HUNTER, "Made in Germany". It is made by experienced professionals with great care and attention to detail.
Uppermaterial: Coated split leather; Sub-material: cow leather
easy to care for
with decorative trimmings
Made in Germany
Note: This leather may under certain circumstances be slightly discolored
45 36,0 – 41,0 cm 3,3 cm
50 35,0 – 43,0 cm 3,9 cm
55 41,0 – 49,0 cm 3,9 cm
60 47,0 – 54,0 cm 3,9 cm
65 51,0 – 58,5 cm 3,9 cm

Made in Germany!



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