Sansibar Edition

Sansibar Sylt

Sylt stands for more than just wind, weather and walking the beach with a drink in your hand. It is also synonymous with strolling leisurely through the streets and alleys of Westerland, Kampen or Rantum. This new dog collar from our Sansibar collection is just the right outfit to help pups look extra stylish with understated elegance on the island or anywhere else. The quality of the material and the dark colours give the high-quality cow leather a sense of stylish self-confidence, while hand-braided details provide a refined contrast to the collar’s minimalist design. The brass fittings and built-in, embossed leather keyring round out the sophisticated island look. This exclusive new addition to our dog shop helps you and your dog cut a fine figure at Germany’s best-known seaside eatery or wherever else you go.

The Sansibar is known all over as a synonym for culinary delights, fine wines and lifestyle. Far away from the hustle and bustle it is nestled in the lap of the dunes, with a magic view of the North Sea. A fortress of comfort, where time seems to stand still. You can just switch off listen to the waves and enjoy the stunning scenery in the glow of candlelight.

The popular restaurant and a famous meeting place in a breathtaking, relaxed atmosphere in the sand dunes of Rantum / Sylt. Discover a range of new accessories in SANSIBAR design at Hunter. Developed in collaboration with the SANSIBAR on Sylt again many exclusive and functional products have been created - so there is next to the known products of saddle leather and nylon now resistant melamine bowls, new dog beds and dog coats and collars and leashes from a great combination of durable faux leather and nylon - ideal for the beach.

Sansibar Edition

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