Dogs feel comfortable when they can move freely and unhindered. The Hunter crockery range offers the best conditions. Both young and strong at pulling dogs, the dishes a much more comfortable to wear, because the pressure on the chest and shoulder straps of the harness is distributed. In a well-adjusted harness, the dog is not restricted in his movement. The Hunter harnesses are multi-adjustable and individually adapted to the size of the dog. All dishes are designed so that it easy to apply and quick and easy to take off again. Particularly easy to use the nylon harnesses the Vario series, which are very easily adjustable harness and Norwegian Trekking emitters.The harnesses are consuming processed and backed by soft protective cushions. Therefore, these dishes offer for the leisure market, such as jogging and cycling, optimal wearing comfort. The Norwegian harness are also suitable as a harness. Nothing is for dog training (such as search and tracking work) is better suited as a special harness that meets their needs. For the safety car Hunter offers a variety of car safety harnesses, such as Articles bodyguard and Easy Comfort, convincing not only in terms of safety.

Measuring Instructions:

The best way to choose the right size of the harness is to measure the Belly circumference (B) of your dog just behind the front legs (at the widest point) with a flexible tape. The tape measure should fit snugly but not restrict the dog. Using this scale and considering the neck circumference (A), the correct Harness size can be measured. Each Harness in the HUNTER range is adjustable at the belly belt (like the Harness RANGER PROFESSIONAL), usually even multi-adjustable (such as Harness SOFTIE) and can be optimized in favor of wearing comfortly to any dog body shape. All harnesses from the HUNTER range are characterized by easy handling, are exquisitely crafted and soft.




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