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HUNTER rear Car blanket for Dog Protection

The HAMILTON protective car blanket also protects your “dogmobile” from dirt and hair and fits all conventional car models. The useful velcro slits enable your dog to be belted up with a safety harness. This means your pooch can be transported on the rear seats with the right belt adapter, providing additional comfort near to you in the driver’s seat or passenger seat. This is perfect for dogs who aren’t big fans of being in the car and gives you the opportunity to calm them down if necessary. When your dog isn’t travelling with you, simply separate one half of the HAMILTON blanket in the middle so that a passenger can sit on one of the back seats. The entire blanket can also be removed just as quickly. Simply open the four belt straps with click closure and HAMILTON can be folded up and packed away. One practical detail is the integrated zip pocket. It has space for waste bags, clicker and everything else you need, which is always quickly to hand when you arrive at your destination with your dog. The square blanket with a generous edge length of 1.45m and a comfortable, padded lying surface doesn’t fall short in terms of hygiene either, as the HAMILTON is machine-washable at up to 95°C. Please note: this protective car blanket is no replacement for properly securing your dog in the car.

FORMAT/DIMENSION: 145 x 145 cm



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