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Preface, to the emergence of:

Our first Web page: was a self-designed "information page", where fans could find and contacts Dachshund us. To carry through our own dachshund Quintus by Kappenberger lake and Leopold from Drostebusch, as well as their desire (Hi mom ;-) a collar with dachshund motif, the Son of Man came in search of a source of animal print collars and found it not so is simply ... But one day he found a nice little upholstery shop that was us finished the collars with dog motives or other animal motifs. As now the proud brother uh Dachshund Club on (yes, that's always a laugh :-) No, we do not mean Krause! ) Showed up with his great new sparkling collar, his colleagues Dachshund / inside stood there amazed and wanted to have that one. Well since retired and have lots of time and love to bring packages to the post office (Hello ;-) father is just a small website created ...... Later came happily added the cooperation with Hunter and their great quality products. Due to the growing interest in great dog accessories, we then create the Hundeshop24.

Therefore, today is therefore the Order with the Hundeshop24 and the payment system Paypal super easy and a lot of confidence-inspiring than an email or a phone call. Product so just add to cart, select and order shipment. Since Paypal unfortunately incur costs, we reserve the right to pass on these charges.

Times and you should not find in our store a product of our major manufacturers, please contact us or send us an email and we can provide you the whole range, and if the manufacturer is still leading in the range.


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Terms of delivery:

All prices for collars and leashes include the legal VAT. (in EU)
plus transport costs for insured shipping (from the shipper rates, weights and dependent countries, see their website)
We process your order from from a Mindebestellwert of 20 euros.
Delivery times!! Since there are many many sizes and we offer as a small family no bearing outrageous, it is possible that we do not have the size in stock. This means, depending on the availability at the supplier a delivery time of 4 to 10 business days, where the packet delays play a major role. Of course, to the long lead times for current production lines, but extends to 99% of your four-legged friend, exceptions birthdays. To do this, send us a mail to

    Model changes or even elimination entirely possible and the manufacturer! If you do not want an alternative, we will send you your cash back! This is because we animals!
They have generally in accordance with the Distance Selling Act § 312 BGB Wiederrufs and a 14-day return policy. We are looking forward to an information before sending the goods back to us. Upon receipt of unused goods will be repaid immediately.

We are not satisfied until you are satisfied! We look forward to it!

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our Poldi with Dachshund collar

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