Hunter Freestyle Dressurhalsung

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Hunter Nylon Training collar, Hunter Freestyle collar


A collar like the FREESTYLE dressage collar is the perfect collar shape if you want to put the collar on and remove it from your dog quickly, or if you prefer the special, stepless adjustment option of the collar to a conventional collar. The FREESTYLE dressage collar consists of a rope made of polyamide. This material makes it possible for the rope to be soft and supple on the outside, but to have a resilient and very hard-wearing core on the inside. The FREESTYLE dressage collar is therefore weather-resistant and easy to care for, making it ideal for daily use. A particularly stable stop ring ensures that the infinitely adjustable neck only closes as far as intended. So you can be sure that the FREESTYLE dressage collar is never tighter than you want it to be.

Rope made of hard-wearing polyamide, caps made of leather, with a particularly stable stop ring, continuously adjustable, easy-care, material: rope / nylon
Size   Adjustabilities   Diameter  
30 max. 30 cm 8 mm
35 max. 35 cm 8 mm
40 max. 40 cm 8 mm
45 max. 45 cm 10 mm
50 max. 50 cm 10 mm
55 max. 55 cm 10 mm
60 max. 60 cm 10 mm

Hunter Dressurhalsung Freestyle, Hunter training collar Freestyle




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size 60
color black


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