Hunter adjustable leash Freestyle

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Hunter adjustable leash Freestyle


Adjustable leashes like the 3-way adjustable leash FREESTYLE in the fresh rope look are a must for many dog ​​owners. They appreciate the flexible and versatile lines, which allow them to react spontaneously and easily to different situations. The 3-way adjustable leash FREESTYLE can be adjusted to exactly the length you need in no time. The carabiners and hooks are carefully and securely incorporated so that you can easily extend or shorten your dog's leash, just as you need to. The innovative rope with a polyamide core has several advantages: On the outside, the line is soft and supple, so it sits comfortably in the hand. A solid polyamide rope was used inside, and this solid core is what makes the leash so durable. The 3-way adjustable Hunter leash FREESTYLE is weather-resistant, so you can easily put it away when you and your dog go for a walk every day in sun, rain, wind and weather.

Rope made of durable polyamide, Caps made of leather, 3-way adjustability, easy to care for, Material: rope / nylon

Hunter Führleine Freestyle



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colors raspberry
size 8mm / 200cm


Product Note Price
Hunter Freestyle Dressurhalsung Hunter Freestyle Dressurhalsung
the matching collar from 12.66 € *
Hunter Vario leash Freestyle 2,60m Hunter Vario leash Freestyle 2,60m
from 34.02 € *
extra long Leash 3 meter extra long Leash 3 meter
an alternative in 3 m from 26.81 € *
Hunter Leash Power Grip Hunter Leash Power Grip
an alternativ in 3m available from 29.15 € *
Retriever Leash Freestyle adjustable Retriever Leash Freestyle adjustable
from 42.90 € *
Hunter Retriever Leash Freestyle Reflect Hunter Retriever Leash Freestyle Reflect
29.15 € *
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